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Phil in the blank

 Today in Rittenhouse park it was beautiful.  It's my first huge snowstorm in philadelphia, can I tell you how this town is so lacking compared to NY.  It tries so hard Manhattan nails, Manhattan bagels etc.


Why I love Cameron Diaz

So My last update was almost a year ago and it was about me getting engaged.  Well what do I have to say for myself. I can say that I can stand on my own two feet without a man.   That everything I have I did alone and I am ok with that.  I don't call myself single I just call myself busy enough not to worry about it.  Things were messy and I am not one to sugar coat anything but I don't feel bad for myself.   These things happen and I am never upset at the other person, I cant be.  To me its just what fate and had in store for everyone, just shrug your shoulders and move on.  I am no better or worse than anyone so thats just the way I look at things.  

Corporate Abuse

I am leaving my job, there was massive layoffs and people were escorted out of the building.  I kept my job, but the hours I work that affords me certain things its just not worth it.  I work on most days from 8-8 and I can use it as an excuse or just a way of hiding out.  After all this I looked at what I wanted to be doing.  Its not looking at clients or lawyers in the face anymore and having a headache most days.  At night I wouldnt be able to sleep, I thought it was just my lack of activity but my mind was racing.  I was sent on trips to places like DC and Texas and every time I came back I felt weak.   Just drained, I would stare at my computer screen and next thing you know two hours passed.  

The love thing never stood the test of time, I look back and say that I am glad I didnt get married. So when I hear that Cameron has a new bf I smile cause somoene has yet to give up.  Someone understands that the soulmate theory does not apply only one person in your life.  So while everything in my life was tested this feeling of wanting to do something to benifit someone else never went away.

It happened at a bday party for a 4 year old

She had the smallest voice, her mom my friend told me it sounded alot like mine.  Next thing you know I am surrounded by kids leading them in a hula dance.  I got home exhausted but glad that I went all the way to NJ for my friends bad driving and her moms awesome cooking.  So while I take classes required by New york state for new teachers, I still think about moving.  To be honest when I see the big houses I once wanted I dont fit in.  A family fits in the house I once thought about so I have shifted to looking at co-ops rather than houses.  

Spock has me in a mind grip

He appears every few months and every few years.  The last time we met he had a gf and it was messy, this time he was single and it was still messy.  Trying to break into someone is difficult, that person has to let down whatever guard they have up.  I guess I will see if he contacts me in another 4 years.

samantha lous (facebook)

Think of the Happy Meal as the new IT bag

 So there is a new book out called

Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre

In which the author describes how LV while successful for in making money it also has the connotation 1billion and served attached to it. How many times have we gone to a club or seen a pic where every girl had some type of LV. It’s the laughing joke of the fashion world, while I love Marc Jacobs I would never consider LV classic, or marc Jacobs for that matter. How did the consumer become so misinformed, or maybe its just a case of everyone going with the herd. When something becomes so mainstream its not unique as I explained about tattoos. Its like as A would say "bitches have no flavor anymore". How many people do we see that could not afford their rent had to have their parents bail them out on numerous occasions and then they rock an LV monogram bag. So before you get excited and head to the LV store think, do 7 people (female) I have come in contact within the past week own one. If you still decide to buy one then just say baaaaaaaa.

Jennifer Hudson joins cast of 'Sex and the City' movie

Notice Kims photoshop you know that woman has no ass.

You can tell that movie is going to suck money balls.  One I really cant stand SATC  because every bitch feels the need to compare, fine sometimes life is just so coincidental that we do go through the same experiences.   That does not mean you and four of your friends are just like SATC.   Then there is the fact that they added Jen Hud to the movie, yawn this is not on my to see or rent list.

Don’t worry be happy

After you stop worrying about things life you can walk around with a smile on your face. Not saying that bills wont forever bother me but, as long as I have my health I cant really complain, I know of a lot of people who have it worse. I have been watching my Kimora Lee every Sunday night cause she makes me think, not that this show is for rocket scientist but about life lessons. How not to spoil your kids, and the way to speak up for yourself and her freakin closet. I am sure that having tons of money helps with that but if you have no money what do you really have to lose. So I would rather say something, but I know if I didn’t no one else would know what was bothering me on the inside.

I have been dating the same person for almost 5 years, seems like a long time I swear that time just flew. When you have ups and downs time really goes by so fast. I can remember telling him I didn’t want this long relationship and now I don’t care to rush anything. I don’t see the same person in either of us. We met fairly young about 22 and at that age you cant really say who you are. I had strange fairytale expectations of something I wanted or expected a person to be like, but looking at myself I see a person that just accepts her flaws and reconfigures her sentences now to think about the words and meaning.

He said "thank you" in the car on the way home after he got the offer letter. All I could say was "for what" and he said "everything" and I just stood quiet and just thought that he really deserved it.

Sometimes I can look at people with quiet envy, I wish sometimes I could be that fake. Its all roses are blue to them and they feel they are so lucky to have that person, because even though they think the petty arguments are real hardships of a 7.9 on the richter scale. Which we all know is total bullshit yada yada yada.

If you read a book by a man-hater in the dating world its ok. Read it again because its better to read something that tells it like it is faults and all, rather that sugar coat the relationship to make it all roses. Its not going to be all bad, but appreciate that someone is telling you about the times when its not all good. Relationships are lessons, so when you look back you can say wtf was I doing and know better or just get to know the person inside you.


Tell me how this bitch from Canada really thought I was going to give her ass a refund. Canada post lost the package, I mean really they have no fucking clue where this shit is. I am now waiting for the claim forms to be sent to my house, I did insure the item for 500 but the web site says they only allow claims of up to 100 for international shipments. I told her I would give her any money from the claim and she thinks its unfair. From last month I have done nothing but email her in what progress I was making in trying to find HER bag. I insured the item, I shipped USPS which she requested (I wanted more expensive FedEx), I gave her the tracking numbers, I called USPS to conduct a search for the item and I am now going to process a claim. Seriously if you are going to pay 800 for a bag just kick in another 100 for FedEx that’s not the time to go cheap.

Everyone and their moms was at transformers, what is up with Megatron he used to be a gun in the old cartoon. I guess even he had to go PC damn the gun lobbyist really shoulda fought for that one, still waiting for the Thundercats movie. Weekend of the 13th going to catch Transformers and Harry potter and go out with my niece maybe dim sum or Philippino food. I might just cook dinner for us on Friday since I can seriously throw down in the kitchen. How can you not know how to cook, pick up a fucking book and memorize shit. Don’t give me the I am way to busy, because I used to get up at 5am cook the beans I had soaking the night before and make rice all before 7am. That way when I got home all I had to cook was the meat and side dishes. I mean it just puzzles me, I know a girl who cant even make spanish rice and she is spanish. I have to say for the bitches who can't cook most of the time they can bake a storm. If you cant cook or bake then I hang my head in shame for you, don’t get me wrong you don’t have to cook for your man he can do it himself right. Even crazy Korean had his coworkers amazed when I used to make him fresh biscuits (not store bought) with rice and beans for lunch.

New men trends, men who are gold diggers. Sure you want your wife to have a job and hopefully a decent paying one so the two of you can share the burden of your life together. For some men its even a bragging right, oh my wife is a doctor yada yada, maybe they feel less pressure if someone else brings home more bacon. Maybe it has a lot to do with their mothers, mom will approve of her more if she has a really high paying job. Then what I really think the reason is, is pressure no guy wants to be resentful of his wife because she makes less money. One of my friends told me that she was on a date and the second she told him what she does for a living, she got the oh that’s interesting. She by the way is a teacher, I told her that he was an ass anyways and any man that is more worried about what brand he wears is not the type of guy to get involved with. She understandably was broken and I explained she had a lot to offer, she was educated with a masters degree (how many bitches do we know only have a H.S. diploma) she runs her own tutoring business on the off hours. She comes from a good solid Korean American family, owns her apartment, can cook and is a very nice and generous person. She is also has a mild temper and gives people the benefit of the doubt as many situations we were in that I was about to take off my shoe and say "hell no" she just calmly walked away. Like one time she knew this coworker was talking about her behind her back and the bitch has the nerve to come up to her and say hi. My friend did not snatch her, or even have words with her, she just said hi back and pretended like she knew nothing. To add salt to the gold diggin wound she found out through the grapevine that he was now seeing a young med student.

oh that stupid grapevine.

Throw up on LV


This past weekend my sister and niece slept over my house. My niece is now 15 years old and can fit into most of my smaller clothes, which is the first thing she wanted to do when she got to my house. Go through my closet and see if it fit her, expensive jeans and items that still had the tags on it. I gave her jewelry and not the costume kind gold rings, chains and even my diamond earrings. Funny how I could just let these things go after paying so much money for them, but I just now feel they don’t matter to me as much. When material things become tainted and all you can do is have the memories of what happened when you wore or were given those items its best to purge them from your life. Wouldn’t you hate wearing something and thinking "oh this is from the asshole who did this this and this to me" I feel I have a point. Material things will never cover what I really want in my heart, or that person who is going to give me what I want and not materially. Material things are nice but sometimes it just makes you think the person is not really what they seem.

 I am green with envy.

"when you ripped apart my clothing to shreds and ravished me for hours. God, how magnificent. How sore I was. How happy when I woke up curled in your arms"
Before I start off with the story about my dream last night, did everyone read about what happened to foxy brown if not heres the story.

Rapper Foxy Brown was attacked by three female friends of her ex-boyfriend yesterday morning. The lady thugs pulled out her hearing aid and tore out chunks of Foxy's hair weave, and also stole Brown's handbag and $500, too.

Brown allegedly dumped Roshawn Anthony after finding out that he was a pimp. The angry ex then called the three attackers to beat up Brown. According to a police source in the
Daily News, "they beat her bad. They ripped out her hair weave. Her hair was a mess and that seems to be what she cared about most." 

now that’s what I call justice. Also who dates a guy and doesn’t know he is a pimp, what the purple suit or cane was not a giveaway. 

so here is my poll for today if Naomi (another one who needs her ass beat) got into a fight with three hookers who would win? Hookers, Naomi or Draw

So back to my dream last night I had a dream I was at Angelique house and her and her ex bf was fighting and I took one of his paint brushes. I then went to a voodoo lady and told her to do more harm than good and gave her the paint brush. The next thing I know I am in a park with vivid green grass and blue skies and I look up, and there is a plane flying overhead and its about to land and someone lets a bunch of balloons up and they get caught in the planes engine and the plane crashes in the park the ex dies because he is in the park but so do a lot of other people. Funny thing, everyone in the park thinks its this freak accident but I know its not. My heart begins to race and I leave the scene I feel like someone is following me, and I look at an uncle sam sign where it says "I want people like you" and then uncle sam grows horns on the poster. I woke up and my heart was still racing. 

So either the dream it telling me let things go and it will happen on their own, or beat a bitch down when you catch her in a mall and make sure I get a good amount of hair off her head for a spell.

Don’t Spy on me


So like I wrote in my previous entries I sold my Fendi Spy bag on Ebay almost a month ago. Normally I don’t ship out of the U.S. because shipping is more and its generally more of a hassle. Granted I have bought things from other countries I have never had the situation which I am going to express to you right now. The woman Shannon requested that I ship the item USPS international express mail. I recommended FedEx or UPS priority for 103 dollars extra, she said USPS which cost 30 dollars. Don’t get me wrong 30 to 103 is a large jump but the quality of FedEx is unsurpassed and if your going to pay that much for a bag you might as well kick in another 100 for peace of mind. Off it went the next day USPS insured for the maximum amount I was allowed which was 500, with tracking numbers in hand I then emailed Shannon these items and figured all was well. I even told her to leave positive feedback when she gets the bag because I was just so sure that’s how awesome it was.

June 8th she contacts me and says that from the tracking number it seems they attempted delivery on that day. She claims she was home and even checked the post office yet its not there. I contact USPS and open an inquiry as to where the bag is and how it can be delivered. I was told my the snotty postal worker that it takes 1-5 business days and they will call me back. So yesterday I called them again because no one has contacted me and it has been over a week, what do they tell me "oh that’s Canada post you have to take that up with them" I then call Canada post and I swear I wish I was there in person this white bitch named Edith was super stank in that fucking (oout) Canadian accent. She said that they are not allowed to search for U.S. customers that I would have to contact USPS, but she did say that an inquiry was open and it looked like the box was going back to the U.S.

I then called USPS back and told them what Canada post told me, they then said that on top of the 1-5 days for the inquiry they have to wait 30 days for an inquiry from Canada post before I can start the claim process. I wrote Shannon an email telling her all this and saying basically my hands are tied and lesson learned. I have a strange feeling someone opened the box and saw what it was and decided to keep that shit. That bag was the fucking hotness so I wouldn’t be surprised. I am trying to be a responsible seller but its really grinding my gears.

Tell me how I sold a gucci bag and the girl from the US got it two days later, this is why I don’t fuck with Canada.

I picked up a new cam since my old one I lost the battery pack to and it needed an upgrade. Got my nails done and tell me how the lady who was doing my feet said "you have dry skin" she said it the first time and I was like "ok" then she said it a second time and I was like "there goes your tip". I mean granted I wear my sneakers all the time and don’t put lotion on before I got to bed but they are not that bad. I have seen women with feet so bad that I swear they could make fists and fight you with them. After the foot job I then went for a manicure now my hands were dry from using that gym soap but she didn’t say anything. That’s why she got an 10 dollar tip and the other bitch got nothing.

Sometimes I don’t like meeting the old bf's new gf. This attila the hun looking chinese girl had the nerve to get snotty with me after I complimented her ass on her whore necklace made by tiffany. I am sorry but if you are going to get your girl something that has to do with a blue box don’t get her the silver tag necklace. You give those gifts to your jumpoff or backup girl. Girls if you own one of these please don’t wear it and act like you’re the shit, cause really 200 for a silver necklace/bracelet is not cute. You seriously need an upgrade o.k.


I had the day off yesterday and it was so hot after running around outside I came home and chilled by the AC and watched some TV. Ghettodancemoves was on haha that show really is ghetto but funny. Speaking of dance moves I went out two weeks ago with some ladies it was fun, this weekend I am headed to a hiphop festival in BK and going out Friday night. My neice is in town so I have to entertain her with something fun before she starts working at the nursing home.


Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.


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